Meagan Faye is quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s top bloggers and influencers in Vancouver, BC. Her blog, Living Boldly, has evolved into a personal showcase and creative outlet used to inspire others to live a life full of fashion, travel and everything in between. We had the chance to team up with the ever stylish jet setter to dress her for her recent trip to New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2017 showcases.




This python jacket is my favorite piece, from their collection. It’s beautifully crafted by hand and lined with a silk interior similar to the print you would see on a traditional keffiyeh.  This jacket is probably the only reason anyone stopped to take my photo in New York. It caught so many eyes and garnered so many compliments from my peers and complete strangers! I wore this look to the Jenny Packham show and the Scotch & Soda presentation and felt like I was wearing something fit for a celebrity.



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Shop the jacket here.